Cinderella Gets Fit (My Weight Loss Journey)

My name is Brianna. This is my Fitblr.

Start Date:May 30,2012

Height: 5'5

Start Weight: 242lbs


Weight Loss: 22lbs.

GW(November 2012):215lbs

So Yesterday was my junior homecoming, I had an absolute blast ! I was confident, I loved my dress, my hair, everything, I felt so beautiful. It really was a great night :) I’m really proud of my self. I danced, and had no shame, I danced Cheesy, Classy, and I Twerked! lol, I hope you know what that is! Last Homecoming I weighed 235lbs, and this homecoming I weighed 221 ! This morning I got on the scale and I was so surprised and happy. This weekend has been really great. To be honest, they’re are slight changes to me in how I looked last year and this year but I know I have a long way to go, and I’m really happy about my journey. 

Stay fit, and keep going,




Update :)

I’ve lost 2 more lbs :) I was a bit surprised, but I’m happy. 18lbs now lost, 2 more to go for my October goal (right before homecoming :) 

Stay fit,


aka Brianna

Every Inch Counts CHALLENGE ! Part 2

My measurements are:  

Bust: 45

Bust Line:42


Hips: 47.5 .

I know I want to lose 1 Inch by homecoming (October 27) but I’ve only lost 16lbs. This month I want to lose 4lbs, and another 5, so next month it’s 25lbs lost, If I only get to 20lbs lost that’s cool too.

But the end of this year I’d like to lose 5inches off everything, and lose 30lbs in total. That’s my goal by New Years… 

This week I’ve been working out after school doing a lot of strength training and yoga… Why yoga? because yoga helps you learn how to breathe. I know I don’t breathe correctly when I workout so I know this will help when I start cardio again. I also increased my Protein intake, just so I can keep my b12 on a good level since i’m a vegetarian :) 

I think goals are good, they keep you motivated. I also know it’s important not to give up if you don’t meet a goal, that just means extend your goal in a reasonable and approachable way. NEVER EVER give up, not just on losing weight, but on life :)

Get Fit& Love Life,


aka Cinderella

You can’t Always get What you want, You can’t Always get what you want, You can’t Always get what you want, but if you Try sometimes, you’ll find, YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED ! ! ! :)

Every Inch Counts CHALLENGE !

So, I’ve really been slacking on working out, managing school and losing weight it really hard, so I’m gonna start a new workout regimen. this is a CHALLENGE for me to lose 1 inch (no it’s not a lot, but every inch counts) by homecoming. I found a couple of workouts for me to try and I’m hoping they work because I really didn’t like how I looked last year for homecoming and I was only 8lbs(234lbs) bigger… This year I hope to be 10-14lbs smaller… I want to lose 7-10lbs before homecoming (i’ll be 219-216lbs), it’s on October 27. I have 44 days. I’m not into trying to lose weight fast, and that is not what this is, but I want to look great for homecoming. I’m targeting my arms, lovehandles/abs, and back fat… I have been working on recipes for you guys and I hope you try them, they are good. I even had some recipes I tryed that were disgusting but that is how far I will go for you guys.

It’s only because I love you :)


aka. Cinderella

Doctor’s Appointment

So today I had a doctor’s appointment, I was really nervous, the last time I went I had a physical/blood work done. My Doctor came in with the results, and I was terrified. He said all my results were GREAT! I have a previous record of high cholesterol and he said it’s now normal !!!!!! I WAS SO HAPPY ! :) I’ve had high cholesterol since I was in 6th grade which is not good, but because of my poor diet and lack of trying to be healthy it was always bad… Now it’s good. My Doctor also said my Blood Pressure was great and my Blood Sugar. The only thing he said was a little abnormal was my thyroid :(((((( Now, I’ve been on thyroid medicine before and I gained 30lbs because of it, so I’m gonna try it again and if I gain my weight back which I’m PRAYING I won’t then I’m just gonna see about an alternative. It’s kind of weird because I stopped having problems with my thyroid 2 years ago, but now I started losing weight and it’s messed up again, and this happened the last time I started losing more than just 5lbs, lol. But I’m just gonna continue with the good work and keep going… He even said that in a year I might have lost 50lbs, I hope so, all this work isn’t for nothing :)))))


Brianna aka “Cinderella”